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Qize environmental water treatment equipment wins customer trust with strength

If scientific research strength is a company's soft strength, then equipment manufacturing is hard strength. Qize Environment has won the trust of customers and industry colleagues by relying on its strong strength.

Qize Environment's 6 core services

First, boiler make-up water, desalinated water treatment

The important thermal power equipment for power plant operation is an industrial boiler, and water is an important medium for boiler heat conduction. Therefore, industrial boiler water treatment plays an important role in ensuring the efficient operation of the boiler. The use of qualified make-up water is a safe, economical, reliable and stable operation of the boiler. As well as the premise of producing qualified steam and hot water, the poor quality of the boiler make-up water will cause the formation of scale, the heating surface metal is damaged due to high temperature, reduce the thermal efficiency, increase the number of chemical cleaning and the corrosion of the boiler metal, and due to the salt in the boiler water If the amount is too high, the steam-water azeotrope phenomenon will occur and the steam quality will deteriorate.

Reclaimed Water Reuse Project

In the "Interim Measures for the Management of Urban Reclaimed Water Facilities" of the Ministry of Construction, the reclaimed water is defined as: "Some domestic high-quality miscellaneous waste water is treated and purified and reaches the" Miscellaneous miscellaneous water and water index "(CJ25.1-89), which can be reused within a certain range Non-potable water. Reclaimed water is actually reclaimed water, and the water quality is between Sheung Shui and Sewer, hence the name "Reclaimed Water". Although the reclaimed water is not drinkable, it can be used in places where the water quality is not high.

Three, concentrated brine reuse project

Most enterprises have reverse osmosis concentrated water, boiler drainage, circulating water drainage and other high-salt miscellaneous water. This part of the water source can still be further recycled. After concentration, the amount of wastewater is doubled and most of the salt is accumulated. High salt concentrate is consumed and processed by the enterprise according to the actual situation.

4. Zero Wastewater Discharge Project

Zero-emission means that through the scientific treatment, the whole plant's sewage can be reused after it becomes fresh water. The realization of zero discharge mainly depends on the biochemical treatment of terminal sewage, and then the general technology double membrane method is used for desalination treatment. After treatment, it is returned to the production system for utilization.

Fifth, filter, ion exchanger, reverse osmosis host, ultrafiltration host, EDI host OEM processing

Original equipment manufacturer for 20 years, serving many large water treatment engineering companies and design institutes. Standard OEM processing, including OEM, transportation, installation, commissioning and after-sale services, professional quality, wholehearted service and trustworthy.

Operation and maintenance service of water treatment system

System operation and maintenance, industrial water treatment, membrane technology and application, system operation and maintenance and hosting, develop customized operation and maintenance service solutions based on customer needs, and professional operation and maintenance teams are committed to reducing operating costs, improving work efficiency, and comprehensive use.

Qize Environment firmly establishes the sense of quality, and carries out high-quality production in strict accordance with national standards. From R & D design, raw material procurement, component production, equipment factory, installation and commissioning to after-sales service, it implements full-track quality monitoring inspection to ensure production quality and customer satisfaction. Degree, with meticulous and thoughtful service, has been affirmed by the market and praised by customers, creating an industry-leading market competitiveness.


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